Group Captain Tejwant Singh in the uniform of the Indian Air Force

Group Captain Tejwant Singh in the uniform of the Indian Air Force

In 1954 Tejwant Singh entered King George’s School Bangalore, a boarding school in south India run on the lines of a British public school. Charles Dickens was the first author Singh read in English during his seven-year stay.

King George’s prepared boys to be gentlemen officers in the Indian armed forces, and Singh later joined the Indian Air Force “as if I were born into it.”

Group Captain Singh trained as a fighter pilot in India and the United States and had an illustrious and lengthy career before finally retiring to devote himself to writing.

23 Responses to “About Tejwant Singh”

  1. salim baig Says:


    It has been interesting to know about you since I

    last met you after Dec71 War.You were camped with

    other IAF pilots in Rawalpindi.Hope you can recollect.

    We did a training course in USA together at Nellis AFB.

    Take care

    Salim Baig

  2. Hello Salim,
    What a surprise that you had left a comment here and I didn’t see until today. And today was because of a feed back from To read the feed back go to
    I did not know this. It’s quite a pleasant surprise. Because the number of comments were rather limited, I thought people are not interesting in reading my posts.
    And Salim, after our last email exchange, I have not heard back
    from you. Are you okay? Regards.
    Tejwant Singh



  4. tejwantsingh Says:

    Dear Harpreet Singhji thank you for the salutations.

    Millions of salutation to Guru Gobind Singh who sacrificed all that he had -father, mother and four sons followed by himself- for the sake of righteousness. He was a true Sarv Dani –the one who gave away everything- un-paralleled in the history of humankind.

    • tejwantsingh Says:

      Dear Amneet Kaurji,
      It gives me great pleasure to write about what our Great Gurus gave us.
      And it makes me happy that young people like you are gaining something from my posts.
      Keep passing the word around.
      Sat Siri Akal.
      Tejwant Singh
      Group Captain retired

  5. Amy Dhillon Says:

    Dear Sardar Ji,

    I am a 16 year old teenager living in Canada. I am born to a Sikh family and am trying to learn more about my religion and the thoughts of interesting people who have something worthwhile to say about it. I enjoy reading your blog a lot, and have spread it amongst my fellow classmates and family members. Your posts are very interesting, and informative. Keep up the great work.

    Thank you

    Amneet Kaur

  6. MJ Ryan Says:

    Great reading, Mr Singh. I have much to study!
    Thank you, MJ

  7. Amandeep Singh Says:

    There is nothing wrong if someone mistake me for a Muslim.

  8. Amandeep Singh Says:

    Why blog is name “Don’t mistake me for a Muslim:. There is nothing wrong if someone mistake me for a Muslim.

    • tejwantsingh Says:

      Mr. Amandeep Singh, you don’t seem to be aware that almost 800 Sikhs have been attacked and some of them were killed because many people in America don’t know who we are and they mistake us for Muslims and terrorist.
      If you feel that they have the right to attack us and kill us because of misinformation and misunderstanding then there is something wrong with your thinking.
      Tejwant Singh

      • Todd S. Says:

        Are you a Terrorist Muslim: Was told that the name was the group name of Muslims? same as Patel Is any of this true. and who do we believe. With what they do over seas and we have a Muslim President it is so unfair to Amerca We were? the greatest and the Muslims want to destroy great Can you tell us why:”

      • tejwantsingh Says:

        Mister Todd S,
        I will give one reply for all your questions.
        I am a little surprised by your comments because on one hand you say your niece is married to a Muslim and then you ask me if I am a Muslim and terrorist.
        If she married to a Muslim, then his name must be like a Muslim name and would not have SINGH at the end of his first name.
        People whose names end with SINGH are not Muslims.
        Most Americans who don’t have enough knowledge about the world beyond their nose seem to be confused about the Turban. That is the reason why I have put up a blog titled THE VARIETY OF STYLES AND COLORS OF TURBANS dated April 16, 2010. Please read that and your mind will be clear. It is the 3rd blog from the bottom of my site.
        Let me tell you what I have written there. The Turban is the most honored head-dress in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and even in other west Asian countries. Even the Holy Bible mentions Turban at least more than 20 times in the Old Testament in Leviticus-8.9 saying, “He set the turban on his head and on the turban in front He set the golden plate, the crown, as Yahweh commanded Moses.” This was when Moses went up Mount Sanai and God gave him the Ten Commandments. If you have not read the Bible, it’s never too late to do it.
        Moreover Mister Todd S, I am a Sikh by faith and we came into being because the Muslim rulers in India were converting Hindu people by force and our Great Guru militarized us to fight terrorism of the Muslims. And we did it so well that all the present day Hindus of India were saved from becoming Muslims.
        I want to suggest that you go to and click on Books and then type my book’s titled THE BOLD BRAVE AND FEARLESS. Buy it and read it to understand who we are and how we are different from Muslims.
        If you still have any questions you are most welcome to email me at and I shall be pleased to feed you anymore information. Lack of information about others is main reason for all the tension in this world.
        Tejwant Singh

  9. Abdullah Says:

    Sir am an engg student my father is an ex-crpf personnel am an indian muslim am very much intrested to become a pilot an iaf pilot am about to apply fr iaf my questn is do the adminstratn discriminate me and or they will ignore me bcoz am a muslim..?and do I have any objection if iam beard ..? pls help me sir

    • tejwantsingh Says:

      Dear Abdullah,
      Sorry for the delayed reply.
      There is no written policy that a Muslim can’t apply to become a pilot but there may be some communal minded people who may try to discourage you or may not reply to your application. Don’t give up and ‘pray to whosoever you pray’ that your application may be accepted by the Air Force.
      You can visit the Air Force website at http://www. and see for yourself under ‘Flying Branch’.
      As far as your beard is concerned you cannot keep unshaven beard in Indian Military Services unlike in Muslim countries only. Only Sikhs are allowed to keep their beard which has to be properly groomed –tied as a knot under the chin or rolled up in a net- as you may have seen some Sikhs.
      Flowing beard is not allowed but Hindus are permitted to keep a beard for a specific period with special permission for them to go to some temple and shave if off before some of their god or goddess –whoever they believe in.
      If and when your application is accepted and you are given a role number, then sit down and prepare for the written examination by working out with a Master Guides for that particular exam because most of the questions would be the same as they were in the last 10 years. That is what I did in 1961 and got very good marks clearing the Merit List in the 4th position.
      Once you pass the examination and you are waiting for a call letter for going to the Service Selection Board Dehradun or may be some other place, you should visit an Academy in NOIDA which is run by an retired Air Force Officer preparing candidates and guiding them: How to go through the selection process. But don’t tell anyone that you have been trained by this Academy. The Academy is run by one retired Wing Commander Gurbux Singh. I don’t know his telephone number or address but you can go to Jal Vayu Vihar in NOIDA where most of the retired Air Force and Naval officers live. Ask someone.
      Wishing you good luck.
      Group Captain Tejwant Singh (retired)

  10. Esteemed Sardar Sahib,
    I have read your well-researched article, and feel blessed that I did so–by Guru Nanak’s grace. Please let me have your Contact Number and E-Mail ID to enable me to share with you many precious things. I have done three PhDs besides a Master of Architecture from The University of Queensland, Australia. I retired as Principal, Chandigarh College of Architecture in 1996, and am running my 77th year. God bless.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon and with my best wishes,
    Dr SS Bhatti
    Monday: 9 September 2014; 11:40 AM

    • tejwantsingh Says:

      Dear Dr. Bhatti,
      I am indeed very sorry for the delayed reply. Thank you very much for your nice comments. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.
      My email id is
      And my contact numbers are –landline 0091-124-2573261 -mobile is 0091-9953682762
      In the case of my landline number the code for Gurgaon is 0124 and the number is the rest. I don’t know what you have prefix from Australia. And basic mobile number is the last 10 digits.
      My next article titled ‘Waheguru -God Almighty- is always present at Harmandir Sahib also called Darbar Sahib or Golden Temple’ has been uploaded today.
      Happy reading and looking forward to your valuable comments.
      Warm regards,
      Group Captain Tejwant Singh
      Shaurya Chakra (retd)

  11. Mear & Steve Says:

    Dear GC Tejwant Singh Ji:

    This comment is from the two Canadian gentlemen who you so graciously gave a ride to from the IAF Museum on Wednesday. We’re at the airport waiting for our flight to Istanbul … we’ll be back in Canada on the 20th.

    It was almost a divine thing the way we met today … I feel like that may not be any surprise to you given what I’ve read on your blog and our conversation in the car. You can check our blog at and hopefully we can maintain some contact.

    Thank you once again for your help today … it was in the best traditions of the Sikh faith and the IAF.

    Amarjit S. Sandhu (mear)

    • tejwantsingh Says:

      Dear Amarjit Singh Sandhu,
      Thank you for the nice comment. It was my pleasure to help you in whatever way I could under the circumstances.
      There is a saying that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Therefore people with a beautiful mind would say beautiful things about others.
      Yes, certainly we will maintain contact through this blog. Next time you are in India let me know.
      Please convey my good wishes to your friend and have a safe journey back: Happy landings as we say in the Air Force.
      Group Captain Tejwant Singh (retd)

  12. Surendra Chopra Says:

    Dear Singh Sahib, it was indeed a pleasure to meet you last night at Haldirams, Sahara Mall. Pl gv n me your Contact No. Regards, Sonny Chopra (9818202001).

    • tejwantsingh Says:

      Dear Chopraji,

      Yes, it was a pleasure meeting you and having a lively discussion.

      I have deliberately not inserted my phone number and email on the card which I gave you because this site is a public domain and I did not want anyone and everyone calling me.

      I have sent a text message on your mobile number.

      Hope to see you more often and wish you and Madam all the best.

      Group Captain Tejwant Singh (retired)

  13. Ravinder Kaur Says:

    Just now finished reading about your bravery in August month issue of reader’s digest. Sir my deep regards to your gutsier action to save country’s valuable asset valued at 1.5 crores then, Mig 21 a fighter plane. A big salute to you sir. A great job done by this monthly publication to bring forth this column for us commoners to read. Wish you all the very best in life.

    • tejwantsingh Says:

      Dear Ravinder Kaur ji,

      Thank you very much for your very kind comments.

      I am going to forward your comments to the Editor of Readers Digest.

      The actual write-up sent by me to them was much longer and detailed because I am aware that people are generally not aware of aviation matters and in particular about the performance of combat aircraft. But the Editor had to prune the article to keep it within 500 words limit.

      Thank you once again.
      May Waheguru ji bless you.

      Group Captain Tejwant Singh (retried) Shaurya Chakra

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