May 2, 2010

pashtun style turbanTo North Americans, a turban identifies a Muslim terrorist. They have not yet learned how to “read” a turban, the way residents of Afghanistan, Pakistan  and Punjab in northern India do. To these people, the turban a person wears identifies his religion, his region and the language he speaks.

A native of Afghanistan who has settled in the area around the Khyber Pass, called a Pashtun in American English, wears a turban with one end left loose so that it can be wound around his face for concealment or protection. His turban style identifies him to his fellow citizens in Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. And there are many different ethnic groups in this area, including Afghan refugees, Persian-speaking Hazaras from the Shia branch of Islam and mountain-top farmers who speak Dardic languages.

Closeup view of the renamed Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa area below regional mapLast month, the ethnically diverse area, called North West Frontier Province for more than a century, was renamed Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa by an amendment to the Pakistani constitution.

This inhospitable land around the Khyber Pass and the Hindu Kush mountain range has been inhabited for millennia by Pashtun tribesmen. Its extreme temperatures and rocky soil forced the Pashtuns to live by plunder rather than agriculture. They charged tolls, robbed travelers passing through the mountain passes to get to India.

And whenever the Pashtuns became desperate for resources, they would invade India and take home, jewels, livestock, women and children as slaves, weapons and gold.

Today, the area has become a breeding ground for a growing Islamic militancy that threatens the stability of Pakistan – a U.S. ally in the struggle against terrorism. Instability here threatens NATO’s strategic Khyber Pass lifeline to Afghanistan, where 37,000 U.S. troops are trying to contain the Taliban insurgency.

In the map below, you can see how this area around north India, Pakistan and Afghanistan has poorly defined borders. A similar map of America would show the individual states marked by the straight lines of a surveyor or the clear boundaries of rivers. The random boundaries you see here are the result of people settling with their tribes that shared a language and a religion over thousands of years. And since ancient times, local politics has been closely intertwined with tribal loyalty. Identity has been a core issue for centuries among the Pashtuns – who make up eighty percent of this area’s population, and fifteen percent of Pakistan’s total population.

The north India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan region.

The north India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan region.

The Pashtuns, having ruled over North India for nearly a thousand years, were finally thrown out by the Sikhs by the end of eighteenth century. Since then, they have seen their region succumb to turmoil through wars and intervention by international powers.

Pashtun woman

A young Pashtun girl

Their tribal ethos, the Pashtunwali, (see the chart below) has kept them from participating fully in modern diplomacy. Instead, it has further entrenched Islamic fundamentalism among them.

Eager to be recognized politically, the Pashtuns have been urging the Pakistani government to designate them as a geographical area – as Balochistan is for Balochis, as Sind is for Sindhis and as Punjab for Punjabis – for a hundred years.

The amendment to the Pakistani constitution that established the new name of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, an ancient expression meaning “grazing land of the Pashtuns at the Khyber Pass” was deemed less controversial than Pashtunistan, which had been proposed for decades as the name for this territory. Using an older variant of the name was meant to confer dignity upon an area that even now is constantly at war – with rival factions of the Pashtun tribe, with other ethnic groups and now with international troops.


Melmastia (hospitality) Profound respect to all visitors
Nanawatai (asylum) Protection must be given to a person against his/her enemies
Badal (justice) Take revenge against the wrong-doer for injustices committed yesterday or a thousand years ago
Tureh (bravery) A Pashtun must defend his land
Sabat (loyalty) Loyalty must be paid to one’s family, friends, and tribe members
Imandari (rightousness) Pashtuns must behave respectfully towards all creation, including people, animals and the environment around them
Isteqamat (steadfastness) Trust in God in keeping with Islamic idea of belief in only one god
Ghayrat (self-honor ) Pashtuns must respect themselves and others
Namus (honor of women) A Pashtun must protect women from vocal and physical harm[]


  1. Michele Horon Says:

    I was interested to learn the basic prinicples that guide the moral behavior of these Pakistani tribesmen. Your blog explained a great deal to me about the culture that breeds the disease of terrorism.

    • There are some books written by British authors on the Pasthus -called Pathans by Indians, Pakistanies as well as the British.

      • tejwantsingh Says:

        Dear Mr. Khan,
        Thank you for your comments. This gives me the chance to give you some good information so that you will stop hating people. If you hate others it is not good for your health. Anger brings problem to the body and then you have to go to the Doctor and spend money.
        I want to say that I am not trying to make a Sikh out of you. In Sikhism there is no forcible conversion. People see our conduct and they join us if they want to.
        If the Sikhs wanted to convert people by force then Maharaja Ranjit Singh could have converted all those Muslims of Punjab who had converted from Hindus in the previous 1000 years. But he was a very good ruler and all the Punjabis loved him. In India of those times he was the most secular and democratic ruler. There was no other Indian King like him at that time.
        Why he invaded eastern Afghanistan? The reason was simple –to stop the Pushtuns raids into Punjab which they had been doing for the previous 1000 years. No Hindu ruler tried to stop you people. Maybe you are angry because of that.
        I know that the Pashtun tribes are supposed to be the Lost Tribes of Israel. There are Afridi Pathans living around Lukhnow area of India and their blood test was done for DNA and it was found that they matched the Jew blood. For your information there are some tribes in eastern India who are also part of the lost tribes. Many of them have gone to Israel.
        Now that we know you are sons of Issac who was the son of Abraham from Sarah, then why do you people hate the Jews?
        Mr. Khan, it is knowledge which improves us and makes us wise and rich. Therefore let me take this opportunity to give you some more historical background of the Pashtuns. Long time when Prithvi Raj Chauhan, the Rajput, was the Emperor of North India, the Pashtuns were Hindus and his best soldiers and expert horsemen. Islam had come to western part of Afghanistan and the Pashtuns were not keen to become Muslims. Mahmood Ghori invaded India and Prithvi Raj Chauhan defeated him 16 times and every time he used to make Ghori promise that he will not come again. But Ghori was a liar and did not keep his word. The 17th time when Ghori came there was another Rajput King called Jay Chand who had become Prithvi Raj Chauhan’s enemy. He helped Ghori to defeat him at the battlefield of Trawari. Ghori caught Prithvi Raj Chauhan and blinded him and took him to Ghor in Afghanistan.
        That is the time all the Pashtuns converted to Islam because their Hindu king had lost to a Muslim king.
        Now you can decide how you want to feel: Angry or Wise and brave.

    • surj Says:

      Michele Horon ” I wasinterested to learn the basic principle that guidvthe moral behaviour of these Pakistani tribalmen ………about the culture that breeds the disease of terrorism ” The disease of terrorism come from muslims Quran which is a manual of evil doers . Quran Sura 9:1112 ” Allah has purchased from the faithful their lives and worldly goods and in return has promised them paradise.They will fight for the cause of Allah, they will Kill ad be Killed ” And that is exactly what muslims have been doing from the times of their so called profit mo-ha-mad. See

      • tejwantsingh Says:

        Hello Michele Horon,
        In actual fact all major religions of the world need some fine-tuning to make them compatible with the global-village we live in now. There is no place for archaic ideas.
        If you read Wafa Sultan’s book ‘The God who Hates’ available on you will realize how much reform is needed in Islam itself.
        Tejwant Singh

  2. Khan Says:

    People like you make me are trying to make me SIKH (Pun intended here LMAO)
    With your shit beliefs and racism. First the british are trying to fuck around with us pashtuns. Then the Russians, now the Americans. But you know, pashtuns are the lost tribes of Israel. We are chosen by God. NOBODY CAN DEFEAT US!

  3. Farhad Akhtar Durrani Says:

    I belong to Khyber Pukhtonkhwa… By family I belong to Durrani caste, and I am sure you will know this name by the great Ahmad Shah Abdali…
    You did a good research, but to my knowledge Pukhtons didn’t accepted Islam coz of Ghauri, they did it long time ago when Islam was spreading at the time of our beloved Prophet Muhammad(SAW). And they accepted Islam when they found that what they doing which is Pukhtonwali is similar in Islam. Some are the view that we are from the generation of Khalid Bin Waleed(RTA) who was a very brave commander of army in Prophet (SAW) times…..
    And if we are the lost tribe of Jews, the reasons we hate Jews is because we are Muslims and anyone who wants to harm our religion we hate them more then a pig….
    But it’s a modern world everyone becoming educated, Pushtons have proved themselves very intelligent in different fields….
    We need to educate our people, we need peace, US and others should stop the way they treating us, but if they dont, then we keep the right of BADAL being pukhtons…..

    Farhad Akhtar Durrani

    • tejwantsingh Says:

      Dear Mister Farhad Akhtar Durrani,
      Let us thank modern scientific inventions like the computers and the Internet for giving us a chance to discuss something with people like you which otherwise would have been next to impossible since you live in a very secluded and confined society. You correctly said, “But it’s a modern world everyone becoming educated,”
      It shows from your comments that you are open to new ideas and that you want peace which has never been there in your territory because of historical reason. The historical reason is that all migrations into India have come through the northwest, where your homeland now lies. I know it because I have read very much about the Pathans. Before the British took control of Punjab along with the Pathan territories west of Indus River, very little was known about you people. But the British wrote many books, which are all there in our libraries in India: about your customs and your bravery. There are many theories about the origin of the Pathans but they are all theories.
      On the one hand you want peace and then you talk about ‘Badal’ which we call ‘Badla’ -revenge. And you people don’t like outsiders coming to your homeland. But I know the fact that every Pathan has always carried weapons according to the type of the times: swords, spears, shurra in olden times before the guns came. And there are factories which make guns and ammunition also. You are busy shooting at outsiders. And if there are no outsiders then you are busy shooting at each other. Therefore, there has never been peace in your homeland and now you want peace.
      Peace will come to you when you learn some lessons from the past. There is a saying: some people learn from other people’s mistakes; some learn from their own mistakes; some never learn from any mistakes.
      The problem is that your body is in the ‘present’ and your mind is living in the ‘past’ while thinking and wanting to enjoy the fruit in the ‘future’. And when I say ‘your mind’, I mean the whole of Pathan population.
      While your ancestors may have accepted Islam because they found it does the same thing what they had been doing in Pakhtunwali, but the times have changed during the last 50 years. Look what happened in the Arab world in the last one year. Dictators have been thrown out and Muslim people want the voice of the common-man to be heard. They want to have Democratic governments.
      But I know from my research that there is no place for a ‘people’s government’ in Islam: the stronger person is the ‘master’ and the weaker person is the ‘slave’. A woman is not a person but a property like you can buy something in the bazaar and throw-it-away after using it. Children are the property of the man and not the children of their mother. And if a child is orphaned, then no one can adopt that child just because Prophet Mohammad had sex with the wife of his adopted son (according to Bin al-Shari’s “Wives of Muhammad”, his biography). It was not allowed in the Arab society then so he made a rule that no one can adopt a child.
      A Muslim can keep up to four wives and he can take away the woman of a non-Muslim. And a Muslim can marry a young girl even if she is not yet mature just because (according to Bin al-Shari’s “Wives of Muhammad”) Prophet Muhammad married a 6 years old girl named Aisha and had sex with her when she was 9 years old. A Muslim can kill a man and take away his wife just because Prophet Mohammad did the same to a Jew and had sex with her immediately after killing her husband. This is also mentioned in his biography. It may have been okay in the Arab society 1400 years ago but in the modern times this is outright murder and rape. You as a Muslim believer have the full right to follow what you want to follow and no one can stop you.
      But there is no place for these old ideas in this modern world if you want scientific education. Our world has become a small place now due to modern inventions like computers, Internet, mobile phones, air travel, space travel and even faster travel on the ground. What type of new inventions will come tomorrow or day after that, we don’t know.
      What to talk about 1400 years ago when Islam came, even one hundred years ago all the world societies were living in confined areas not knowing what is beyond the horizon: but not now. Now one has to live in harmony with your next door person for world peace. There is no place for ‘Badal’ or ‘Badla’.

      Music is the spice of life. It has been scientifically proved through experiments that crops grow better, cattle give more milk and our nervous system remains calm when soothing music is played. But there is no place for music in Islam. Then what are you going to do?
      Guru Nanak who started the Sikh faith is called Peer Baba Nanak by his Muslim followers. He went to Baghdad 500 years ago with his Muslim follower Mardana who played the Rabab. He sat down at a place -which is now outside the Baghdad Railway Station- and starting singing the praise of God. People came to kill him with stones but they dropped the stones when they heard him. Then he went all the way to Mecca to tell people to sing the praise of God -whom you call Allah- but nobody listened to him. They understood when a miracle happened that he was a man of Allah. So they requested him to leave his wooden shoes (Khrawan) behind. His shoes are still there because a Muslim officer of the Indian Air Force went for Haj and he saw them near the Kabah. They have written on a small signboard next to his shoes ‘Peer Baba Nanak’. This Indian Air Force officer was very happy -he told me very proudly- that there is something from India in Mecca. Then Peer Baba Nanak went preaching to Medina, Jerusalem, Lebanon, Syria, eastern part of Turkey and up to southern Russia and came back to India via Iran where he had some followers. Peer Baba Nanak is the most widely travelled preacher any where in the world and particularly in those times when the means of travel were slow.
      Fortunately the Christians around Jerusalem, Lebanon and Syria listened to Peer Baba Nanak. Since then they have started singing in Churches. Before that they never used to sing in Churches with musical instruments. This has been confirmed to me by someone who ancestors were missionaries in west Asia.
      Does that give you any ideas?
      Therefore Mister Farhad Akhtar Durrani, you have to sit and think about all these points. You have to sit calmly and ask your inner-self ‘what should be done for the future’. Each scientifically educated Muslim has to sit and think quietly because, otherwise, questioning is forbidden in Islam. You are just a slave and have no right to use your brain and discuss anything beyond the Koran. Therefore you have to think individually and help those who want to help you to improve your future. The Americans are trying to help you. They are giving bringing in their tax-payer’s money to help develop Afghanistan. There are several rich minerals in the ground which can change the life of everyone who lives there if the Muslims allow outside companies to do their job. India has been spending lot of our tax payer’s money to help the Pathans.
      How are you going to enter the future if your mind is still 1400 years in the past? If you are ready to listen than it is time to make changes before you enter the future. It is time to give your children and their children a better future. Otherwise your people will be constantly fighting with the outside world which is very strong with modern technology.
      Wish you good luck.

      • Farhad Akhtar Durrani Says:

        Hi tejwantsingh,
        I think the resources you getting your information are absolutely not correct and they just based on hatred for Muslims….
        No one claim that the part of the world they living was never under any war… So please don’t say this about Pashtons that they were the only one that never seen peace….
        Islam is the only great and true religion and will be till day of judgement…. And guess what it is the fastest growing religion too especially after 9/11 when people started study of Islam and they came to the knowledge reality…..
        I have tons of respect for other religions but how would you feel if someone tells you that Sikhism is not even a religion it is just following one person n his saying…. U can not even compare it with Christianity forget about great Islam which come straight from the divine source the only creator of everything, the most merciful The Almighty Allah…..
        Now if you do good all your life,everyone will talk good about you after your death but fools will give you status of God or Messanger…..
        And that’s what you Sikhs are doing…. Which is so sad…. But Truth always win and one day you all will know the reality…..
        Islam is not just a religion but true way of living in this world, what Prophet said hundreds years ago is proved today by your so called modern technology…..
        Regarding Pukhtons they are brave n loving nation, no one can stand in front of them, whoever tried to there end became a lesson for others….
        We are the Pride of the Proud….
        We Prefer living one day like a lion rather then 100 years of a fox life….
        I hope that now your knowledge is improved about Islam and Pukhtons… And May Allah show you and rest the right path of truth…Ameen
        If you r keen I am sure one day you will know the reality of truth and hope that day comes before your eyes are shut because then it be too late….
        Bless you…

      • Farhad Akhtar Durrani Says:

        And please stop this hatred about Muslims and Pakistan in your articles. You won’t achieve anything out of it.. Talk about peace, give something good to the young generation.. Don’t put them in wars….

      • tejwantsingh Says:

        Dear Mr. Farhad Akhtar Durrani,
        I am sorry that you feel bad because of my frank opinion based on books written by Muslim writers and based on what is written in the Koran. I have an Arabic-to-English translation of the Koran printed in Saudi Arabia: so I consider my copy authentic. My intention was not to hurt your feelings but to exchange ideas and opinions with a Muslim who wants to enter the future taking scientific education.
        After the 9/11 common Americans mistook the Sikhs for Muslims because of our turban. Many were killed and are still being shot at all over there. The taxi drivers in New York, who were Sikhs, were the first one to be attacked. Now tell me Farhad Akhtar Durrani: what wrong have the Sikhs done? Therefore this website was started by me after I was asked by airport security to remove my turban so that they could see if I was hiding any bomb of pistol. Afghans who went to America wearing their traditional turban also had the same problem. Even other Sikh organizations in America and Europe have been very active trying to educate people about us.
        And whenever anyone writes anything about the evolution of Sikhs the mention Muslim has to come out. The reason very simple: it is because of the Muslims that pious Sikhs became militarized when the Guru Gobind Singh, our Tenth Guru, armed us with the sword and created the Khalsa Panth ‘The Brotherhood of the Pure’ in March 1699. There were two main EVENTS which made it necessary. Therefore on this occasion you will have to read some short history so that we can have better understanding.
        When Babar the Mongol raider from Central Asia entered Punjab his army destroyed whatever came in their way and looted people and made them slaves. Guru Nanak who was preaching in a town called Kalyana was also captured and made to grind grains with a Chakki in the Bandikhana. But Guru Nanak was a man of God Almighty whom you call Allah, the Christians call God, the Hindus call Ram or Hari and the Sikhs call Waheguru. The guards saw that the Chakki of Guru Nanak was rotating on its own while he sat meditating upon God Almighty the Waheguru. When Babar came to see himself he asked Guru Nanak to come to his residence. There the Guru had a long discussion with Babar and asked him to set free all the people and to give back their property. Babar agreed and the Guru blessed him. Maybe that is the reason he was able to start the Mughal Empire in 1526 after the First Battle of Panipat.
        When Humayun (Babar’s son) was attacked by his own Pathan General Sher Shah Suri he escaped. When he was passing through Kandhar on way to Persia to get military help he met Baba Shri Chand, the eldest son of Guru Nanak. When Humayun told him his problem, Baba Shri Chand blessed him. That maybe the reason how he got good military help from Persia and his wife gave birth to Akbar the Great who is very much respected by all Indian alike. And Akbar was able to get his throne back after the Second Battle of Panipat in 1556. Therefore you can say that the Mughal Empire started with the blessings of the House of Guru Nanak. So much so, that Akbar the Great went to meet Guru Amar Das, the Third Guru, and had food in the Langar started by the Guru. Appreciating the food he said, “I have never eaten such simple and delicious food from my royal kitchen”.
        Guru Ram Das, the Fourth Guru, started the Holy Sarovar in which Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) stands in Amritsar, Punjab. Guru Arjan Dev, the Fifth Guru, got the foundation stone of the Golden Temple laid by Peer Mian Mir who was his friend. The Mazar of Peer Mian Mir is in Lahore. And many Hindus and Muslims started coming to Guru Arjan Dev to listen to his message of love of God, peace and harmony among people. But the Mullahs got worried seeing so many Muslims listening to the Guru. They complained to Emperor Jahangir who wrote in his autobiography Jahangirnama or Tuzk-e-Jahangiri, “The Hindus going to the Guru I can understand but even the stupid Muslims are going to him. Either he leaves his ways or he accepts Islam or he should be killed.” THIS WAS THE FIRST EVENT
        Guru Arjan Dev was arrested on some false charge and tortured and killed in Lahore. Guru Hargobind, his son and the Sixth Guru, took up two swords: one for Miri and the second for Piri. He fought many battles with the Mughal army and won all of them. I can say that the Mughal Empire which had the blessings of the House of Nanak made a big mistake by killing Guru Arjan Dev. The Mughal Emperors started digging the grave of their Empire. The persecution of the Sikh Guru carried on during Shahjahan’s rule also.
        The Second Even took place when Aurangzeb became the Emperor and killed Guru Teg Bahadur the Ninth Guru. Therefore ‘the grave of the Mughal Empire was ready’.
        After the second event, what all happened to the Mughal Badshahs is unbelievable. Muazam who was the Governor of Kabul when Aurangzeb died asked Guru Gobind Singh to help him become the Emperor in a fight with his brother. The Guru helped Muazam on the condition that he will treat non-Muslim population properly. But Muazam who assumed the name of Bahadur Shah refused after sitting on the throne. So the Guru told him that he will not rule for very long. Bahadur Shah was killed by own sons in Lahore in 1708: an unheard of thing in the Mughal dynasty.
        After that the persecution of Sikhs assumed a big priority for the Mughals. But the Sikhs suffered many sacrifices and succeeded in finishing the Mughal Empire and establishing the Sikh Empire. And when Maharaja Ranjit Singh occupied Lahore in 1801 not a single woman was molested and no property was looted for the first time in the history of the city.
        For knowing more about the moral character of the Sikhs you should read what Nur Mohammad, who was the historian of Ahmad Shah Abdali the Durrani, wrote. And during the Sikh Empire the Muslims of Punjab were treated very well. In fact more than half the Ministers in the Darbar of the Maharaja were Hindus and Muslims.
        Therefore while I try to educate western readers about the hard-working-no-nonsense Sikhs, you will have to read whatever I write about Muslims because our destiny is tied together through history.
        And talking about Pathans, when the British took over Punjab and had to battle the tribal Pathans in the Frontier, which is your homeland, maximum fighting for them was done by the Sikhs. Read about the Battle of Saragarhi in Wazirstan in September 1897. There were only 21 Sikh soldiers who killed several hundred tribals when they fought to the last man like a lion rather than surrender. The Waziris appreciated their bravery. This battle has been declared by UNESCO as one of the Seven Rare Battle of the World showing collective bravery. And it is part of the school text book in France.
        There is much more I can write but the space does not permit.
        Wish you good luck and a bright future.
        Tejwant Singh

  4. Dear Gp Capt Tejwant,

    1. Please accept my compliments for your erudite knowledge not only on Sikhs but of Indian history. You have covered so many issues in simple language. This language of yours can only understood by those whose bodies of 2013 have mind of 2013 and not 629 AD.

    2. How can 1.4 billion muslims believe a story of a man who has a dream in which Angel Gabriel gives divine revelations, a man who can kill 900 jews, a man who can marry a six year old girl and sleep with her when she was 9, a man who can kill a jew and marry his widow and sleep with her with in 24 hrs, a man who after defeating a tribe of Arabs make them his slaves, a man who preaches hatred, violence and a man who does not know meaning of love, compassion, mercy and peace, a man who only with help of barbarians fought and killed thousads of people call him prophet?. This prophet is supposed to be role model for 1.4 billion people. Good luck to them.

    3. All these lies, as muslims may call them, are told to us by the very muslims who are born in Middle East, grew up a pious muslims, fought against Jews and realised how they were following a false ideology.

    4. Contrast this prophet of muslims with prophets of jews or sikhs. Does any prophet wage wars ? Does any prophet preach violence? Does any prophet treat women as sex object? Does any prophet keep changing rules to gratify his sexual appetite by saying he received divine revelations. Why does this man only receive divine revelations? What is so special about him?. Does any single action of this prophet entitle him to the title of prophet.

    5. Dr Wafa Sulatana, a Syrian born Muslim migrated to US tells us who is a prophet. She says the one who can prophesy is a prophet. Has this man ever made any prophesy, or ever made a miracle as Jesus Christ did she asks and no muslim is willing to answer her because it seems to me there is no answer.

    6. What I am seeing in Pakistan is today, the Sunnis are killing Shias, then Wahabi Sunnis kill other Sunnis and finally wahabi Arab Sunnis will kill other wahabi sunnis in the rest of the World. Finally only the Saudi Arabia Wahabi Sunnis will be permitted to live like they did in 625 AD. Insha Allah!!

    Brig (Retd) Vidyasagar

    • tejwantsingh Says:

      Dear Brigadier Vidyasagar,
      Thank you for the compliments and sorry for the delayed reply.
      The behavior of present day hardcore Muslims shows that the only way to enforce their opinion is to force it upon others with threats of death. Given a choice no sane person would accept their views. The same technique must have been used by their prophet and his devoted followers 1400 years ago otherwise why would the Koran authorize the use of sword to convert non-believers if it was so attractive to be a Muslim?
      The only other attraction to be a Muslim is the lure of virgins waiting in a green vale with water channels flowing through and fruit trees growing in abundance. It’s a ‘carrot’ dangling somewhere in a far off realm not ever seen by any man with some brains. Only a brainless man would accept this blindly. This kind of lure is very attractive for an uneducated -brute of a man living in the desert where survival is a day to day struggle with water being a precious commodity, with no greenery for miles and miles and women difficult to find in the sandy waste. That is why a Muslim is authorized to go to a prostitute even though he may have four wives waiting at home. He can even have sex with a female donkey or camel if he is really hard-up.
      Does any other religious philosophy of the world accept this kind of animal behavior from men who are supposed to be pious? No. Never.
      The Koran also authorizes a Muslim to take away the woman as well as the property of a non-believer -another convenient ruse to force conversions and to encourage raids because their prophet was a plunderer and merciless killer with 34 raids to his credit as per his biography written by Arabs themselves.
      And this kind of raiding authority suits the whims and fancies of Pathans living in the sparsely-productive region now called Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa where some people have been comparatively well-off while most others have had to subsist on meager resources -logically they had to steel from others.
      Pathans were raiders and plunderers even when they were Buddhist and Hindus. And when Islam came to them, after the defeat of their over-generous king Prithvi Raj Chauhan, they were delighted because they could go to heaven and enjoy all those virgins and whatever else. Therefore they started raiding the plains of India with a new zeal –plundering and destroying beautifully made temples and taking away men, women and children as slaves. Many of them were sold off in far away places –the Gypsies of Europe claim that they came from Bharat Maa. And the Sulaiman Mountains came to be renamed ‘The Hindu Kush Mountains’ meaning ‘The Death Trap of Hindus’.
      The Purda and Ghungat system and the bias we see against girls is a legacy left behind during the long Muslim rule. It will take a long time to reverse this evil trend.
      Wafa Sultan writes in her book that one day when she came out of the hospital where she worked in Syria, she saw two boys standing at the roadside with a live bird in each of their hands. The birds were shrieking with pain because they were plucking their feathers and giggling. She asked them to be humane and stop it but instead they said, “What it is to you, you prostitute?” Anyone woman who does not wear a Burqa or dresses up in non-Islamic garbs is a prostitute. And seeing others in pain does not stir any humane feelings, if they have any left by now. Instead it seems to be a great source of satisfaction for them. Perhaps an evil force –Shiatan or Satan- controls their minds.
      And looking at their personal hygiene, it’s pathetic. A female dentist told me once that examining Muslim women wearing a Burqa was a nauseating job. There is always a peculiar bad smell from them, probably, because they are covered from head to toe all the time in public and they can’t ventilate the odder their body gives out.
      And I have observed Muslims drink water from a common glass and even eating from a common dish. The glass is not washed after one person puts his lips to it and the fingers which feed their mouths go back to the common dish from where others also eat. Therefore in both cases and perhaps due to other bad habits also, infectious diseases from one person pass around and spread.
      I often wonder if a change will ever come to them. Maybe we should leave them alone and let them kill each other. Perhaps, someday, God may put some good sense into those who survive. Let us wait for that day.
      Tejwant Singh

  5. Pak Soul Says:

    Quite a stupid and biased article I must say with lacking authenticity. Read the facts, no one ruled over this area for 1000 years and current stats put India and Israel way ahead than Pakistan in terms of religious violence. I wont mistake you for a Muslim, but after reading the page, I do mistake you for a mental case.

    • tejwantsingh Says:

      Thanks for your comment mister anonymous. You must be a Pathan to comment on this article.
      Except for the plains between river Indus and the hills your area is not worth ruling over because it’s rocky and limited in agricultural production. That is why through centuries you people have always raided the plains of Punjab to meet your daily requirements. And because of those raids it became necessary for rulers of the plains –from time to time- to invade your region and punish you. The Mughals did it; the Sikhs did it and the British also did it. Keeping in mind the needs of you people and to convince you not to raid, they all gave money on an annual basis so that you people could live within your territories. What I am writing is historical fact.
      If you care to call me a ‘mental case’ I am not angry but disappointed because coming times will show the truth. What is happening in West Asia is the beginning of an end unless you reform before that flood reaches you. May God Almighty help you!
      I wish you well otherwise because you are victim of wicked circumstances. Your mind was programmed with a Malware by narrow minded people who could not see beyond their nose or beyond the narrow lanes of their remote villages.
      Sat Siri Akal –which means God is Truth.
      Tejwant Singh

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